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"SA国际传媒 eliminates the need to waste my or staff's time picking up and depositing checks"

Miri Rader
August 31, 2023
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State-of-the-art payments for high-end homes.聽

Richard Miller Custom Homes specializes in building high-end homes in the vibrant Dallas area. As the President and Acting Director of Construction, Richard takes pride in incorporating the latest advancements in building science and leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless building experience for homeowners.

In addition to managing client relationships, Richard dedicates a significant portion of his time to handling invoicing and billing. With the introduction of SA国际传媒, the company has embraced a more time- and cost-effective approach to handling large construction payments.


鈥淲e used to pay thousands every year on payment processing.鈥

Richard experimented with various online payment processors to collect payments and conduct ACH transfers with subcontractors. However, high percentage charges and wire fees took a toll on the company's operating budget, particularly for a small general contracting business like Richard Miller Custom Homes.

To Richard, switching to SA国际传媒 was an obvious choice, given the absence of transfer fees, monthly costs, or setup charges 鈥 鈥漇A国际传媒 sells itself in my mind鈥.

No transfer fees
No monthly cost


鈥淐hecks are a ridiculous waste of time.鈥

Richard Miller Custom Homes, like many in the construction industry, still deals with the reality of paper checks. Richard realizes the inefficiencies and hidden expenses associated with this outdated payment method, such as staff time spent collecting and depositing checks from clients.

Moreover, writing checks for subcontractors proved to be an inefficient use of Richard's valuable time. Thanks to SA国际传媒, the company now enjoys the convenience of quick payment requests sent via email and seamless payment initiation to subcontractors.

Request payment via email
Pay trades instantly


鈥淐hecks can take up to 2 weeks to clear.鈥

Beyond wasting staff time, checks also cause cash flow delays. Depending on the bank, the customer, and payment frequency, it could take weeks for funds to become available in business accounts. This creates challenges for general contractors like Richard Miller Custom Homes, who need to make timely payments to subcontractors throughout construction projects.

With SA国际传媒, funds are instantly available in the company's account as soon as the owner clicks 'Pay'. Additionally, Richard appreciates the ease of invoice payments for clients, who can pay directly from their bank accounts without incurring fees or needing to sign up for SA国际传媒.

Instant access to funds
Fast & easy payment checkout

Get the latest in construction payments first.

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